Action on FY18 Funding – House Actions

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House CJS Appropriations Subcommittee (Good) News

SGA Delegates:

This afternoon, the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce-Justice-Science met to markup their FY18 Appropriations bill. We have received word that the Subcommittee recommendation includes a $63M funding for the base Sea Grant program in FY 2018. We have not received information on the aquaculture mark yet.

This is extraordinary news given the President’s budget proposed the elimination of Sea Grant. As a result of your collective hard work and outreach to your stakeholders and your Congressional delegations, Chairman Culberson (R-7th TX), Ranking Member Serrano (D- 15th NY) and their Subcommittee members, rejected the President’s recommendation. Meg told me that in his remarks at the Subcommittee markup, Representative Kilmer (D-6th WA) named Sea Grant as the very first in his list of important programs in the CJS bill – way to go Washington Sea Grant!!!

I want to thank you for all you have done to get us through this first crucial step in the FY18 budget process. This initial outcome could not have happened with the efforts of you and your staff. It was a truly remarkable effort by our network, who rallied from early March when the Washington Post reported that the President’s budget would eliminate Sea Grant in FY18, and continued that effort right up through today’s House markup. We also need a special shout-out to SGA’s External Relations Committee and to Joel and Meg at Federal Science Partners for coordinating our effort. This makes for a much better Fourth of July recess for us all.

In a few weeks the House Appropriations Committee will meet and release the FY18 CJS report that will show the Sea Grant funding recommendation. At that time, I would like to ask you to reach out and thank your congressional delegation members and staff and your stakeholders for all they have done to support the Sea Grant program. Today, this first step should have us all encouraged about the future of Sea Grant. I have asked the ERC to meet in the coming weeks to develop the next set of actions the SGA should take to continue its effective participation in the FY18 appropriations process.

Thank you again for you and your staff have done — your efforts are deeply appreciated and obviously, quite impactful.

In the meantime, have a relaxing holiday weekend. Lift a glass for Sea Grant sometime over the weekend.

– Jim

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